A downloadable game for Windows

Beast Mode is game where you are trying to become the beast of the gym. Out lift the entire gym collectively to achieve monster status. Throw weights at other bros to stop them from earning points for the gym.


  1. Lift to gain points
  2. Lift more than everyone else combined
  3. Throw weights to disable other bros


  • Left / Right Arrows - Move
  • Up / Down Arrows - Squat
  • Q / W - Raise Arms (Hold to throw)
  • A / S - Lower Arms
  • Z / X - Pickup/Drop (Must Squat to Pickup)

Programming / Game Design / Character Design

Shane Berezowski
Twitter: @ShaneBerezowski

Game Design / Art

Justin Luk
Twitter: @madcapacity


ChipTune by Tom Vian


Intro song -
About 10 Hours Looking At The Ceiling (Azureflux Arrange) by Irisu Syndrome
(licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.)

Gym song -
Beast Mode by Azureflux
(licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.)


Beast Mode.exe 35 MB